Dr. Imad Abu Shakhidem

Al-Quds University medical graduate Dr. Imad Abu Shakhidem, a Jerusalemite physician, has won the award for the best training supervisor for medical students across the Kingdom of Sweden. He is the director of both the Emergency Ophthalmology and General Ophthalmology departments at Gothenburg University Hospital in the Swedish province of Västra Götaland. He also manages the ophthalmology medicine and surgery course at the university’s medical school and has been living in the kingdom for 10 years.

The President of Al-Quds University, Prof. Imad Abu Kishk, commented on Dr. Abu Shakhidem’s achievement, saying, “I am proud and delighted with Dr. Imad Abu Shakhidem, a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Quds University, for winning the award for the best training supervisor for medical students across the Kingdom of Sweden. He joins a distinguished group of doctors produced by the first medical school in Palestine throughout its quarter-century journey, which continues to shine with the results of its students and their globally recognized level.”

For his part, Dr. Abu Shakhidem recounts receiving the news of his victory, saying, “I was recently informed of my win at the level of the Kingdom of Sweden as the best training supervisor, following my recent selection as the best training supervisor at the level of the city of Gothenburg, the largest city in the province, which houses mainly teaching hospitals. The award included various medical specialties.”

Expressing his happiness with the win, Abu Shakhidem, a member of the Palestinian Physicians Association in Sweden, says, “For me, I am delighted for my family, colleagues, Al-Quds University, and our country, Palestine. It is a joyful matter for all of us.”

The student exchange opportunity is the beginning

Dr. Imad studied at Al-Quds University between 2004 and 2010, followed by an internship year, during which Al-Quds University offered him the opportunity to complete it as a student exchange in the Kingdom of Sweden. There, he managed to establish strong relationships that enabled him to return later to validate his degree, accompanied by learning the language and passing medical exams within a short period. After that, he obtained the Swedish internship.

Before returning to Sweden, Abu Shakhidem worked as a research and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Quds University, describing the experience as wonderful and enriching. Upon obtaining the Swedish internship, he managed to find a job in ophthalmology and eye surgery in the Ophthalmology Department at Gothenburg University Hospital, where he currently works. The hospital is enormous, with 17,000 employees, while the Ophthalmology Department has 80 skilled and competent doctors.

Abu Shakhidem continues, “I obtained the Swedish and European Board after 5 years of specialization, and I currently work mainly in this hospital on the eye retina, as well as in the field of research. Soon, I will register to complete my Ph.D. in the specialty. Usually, the positions I hold are managed by older and more experienced doctors, but I was honored with this responsibility early in my work.”

Regarding the completion of his Ph.D., he points out, “As graduates of Al-Quds University, we hold a ‘Medical Doctor’ degree, which is equivalent to a Master’s degree, so we can apply for a Ph.D. directly. I also strive to work on a thesis related to clinical work while concurrently practicing my profession and specialization.”

Dr. Abu Shakhidem: “Al-Quds University creates encyclopedic personality and broad knowledge and understanding”

Dr. Abu Shakhidem talks about the impact of Al-Quds University on his medical career, saying, “The university indeed has a role in this award because my colleagues and I, who studied together for six years, are truly the best of Palestine. We were influenced by Al-Quds University’s Faculty of Medicine, which created an encyclopedic personality within us, and provided us with strong theoretical knowledge. This had a significant impact on my specialization and winning the award. The students of the Faculty of Medicine feel complete confidence in their teachers and get comprehensive answers to their questions as needed.”

The theoretical education and practical opportunities at the university enabled the doctor to integrate both aspects simultaneously, which is a credit to Palestine and Al-Quds University. The exchange opportunity and later work abroad allowed him to connect theoretical knowledge with practical professional experience.

Dr. Abu Shakhidem is an example of the advanced level that the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Quds University has reached. The faculty has produced hundreds of medical professionals who perform their medical and humanitarian duties with the best skills at both the Palestinian and global levels.

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