Dr. Mohammed Bani Odeh

Student Mohammed Mahmoud Bani Odeh wrote:

I am currently working as a Health Systems Officer at the World Health Organization and a PhD student in Public Health at Al-Quds University at the same time.

Initially, I joined the Master’s program in Health Policy and Administration – Faculty of Public Health at Al-Quds University in 2010 to continue my personal plan in professional and scientific development. Several reasons led me to choose Al-Quds University, including the abundance of professional academic specializations that matched my bachelor’s degree in hospital and health services management. Moreover, this specialization is only offered at Al-Quds University among all the universities in the country.

I returned after 12 years as a PhD student in Public Health at the university, where I found unparalleled seriousness and dedication from the program’s professors across the country in the West Bank and Gaza. The program is led by a group of prominent researchers and public health experts in Palestine, who generously and professionally share their extensive academic and research experience with us. The program is also characterized by its solid scientific approach, methodological theoretical foundation, critical analysis, and constructive thinking, all of which revolve around central issues that contribute to improving the state of health research in Palestine and health services as well.

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