Dr. Mohammad Taha

Al-Quds University medical school graduates have achieved remarkable success and excellence on both local and global levels, reflecting the high academic and educational standards of the institution. These achievements include completing specialized training and working at some of the most prestigious universities, hospitals, and research centers around the world, as well as impressive results in specialization exams, particularly in the United States and Europe.

Today, Al-Quds University congratulates Dr. Mohammad Badi’a Taha on joining the University of Florida Faculty of Medicine as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, a transitional academic stage towards more specialized fields. The university takes pride in its medical school students, who represent the honorable face of Al-Quds University and the continuous scientific, medical, and research advancements it has achieved.

Dr. Mohammad Badi’a Taha graduated in 2013 and dedicated a year to scientific research as a participant at the Center for Neuroscience at Al-Quds University. He then received a Palestinian fellowship aimed at developing the Palestinian academic staff to spend a research year at Harvard University’s Neuroscience Research Laboratory and Massachusetts General Hospital. After the year, he continued at Harvard for another year, funded by the Behavioral Neuroscience Research Laboratory, where he gained research skills and published several scientific papers.

Dr. Taha completed his residency in internal medicine at the Detroit Medical Center, Wayne State School of Medicine, and fulfilled the requirements for American Board Certification in Internal Medicine. Today, he joins the University of Florida’s College of Medicine with the primary goal of acquiring scientific research and academic skills alongside clinical work.

Al-Quds University’s first medical school in Palestine produces skilled and distinguished doctors who join prestigious medical centers and faculties worldwide, many of whom have achieved notable medical performances over the past two decades. This accumulated experience has allowed the medical school to become a leader in medical education in Palestine.

In addition to human medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, Al-Quds University’s medical faculties include the College of Health Professions, which offers undergraduate programs in medical and laboratory sciences, nursing, midwifery, medical imaging, and physiotherapy, as well as master’s and postgraduate diploma programs in laboratory medical sciences and nursing. The university is also distinguished for offering a master’s program in physiotherapy, the first of its kind in Palestine. Additionally, the medical faculties include the College of Public Health, which offers bachelor’s, postgraduate diploma, and master’s programs in public health and nutrition, health policies and management, and community mental health.

Graduates from these faculties hold advanced positions in Palestine and abroad, thanks to the knowledge and technical skills they acquired during their studies. Al-Quds University’s medical school has supplied the Palestinian community with hundreds of doctors who have contributed to building the health sector in Palestine and writing numerous success stories.

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